Kuranda is known as the "village in the rainforest", a charming, romantic little mountain town, surrounded by World Heritage listed rainforest, and just 40 minutes drive from Cairns. It's a cool retreat from the heat and humidity of the coast, and the vibrant main street is packed with colourful markets of all kinds. But they say life's a journey, not a destination, and getting to Kuranda is half the fun!
Close up of Kuranda Scenic Railway, in Tropical North Queensland. Very few travellers visit Tropical North Queensland without making a trip to Kuranda. It's an ideal day trip from Cairns, or there's a range of tranquil hideaways in and around the town if you choose to stay longer. Kuranda's town centre is easy to negotiate on foot. Just pick up a visitors' guide and map at the Skyrail terminal or Kuranda Scenic Railway station when you arrive. The main street is just a five minute walk from the Skyrail and KSR stations, but it is uphill so if it's hot (or you're just feeling lazy) take advantage of the shuttle buses waiting at both stations.

The mighty Barron Falls, located in Kuranda, Tropical North Queensland, during the wet season. Kuranda is a sleepy little town that has become a buzzing tourist destination. It has undergone extensive development over recent years but has kept the feel of a typical North Queensland town. The town itself is most popular for its huge range of markets, selling everything from fresh locally grown produce to fine arts and crafts, didgeridoos and boomerangs, jewellery, hemp products, and of course the ubiquitous fluffy koalas and tacky t-shirts. Gift shopping has never been easier!

Apart from the shopping, Barron Gorge is only a few minutes away, with views of the spectacular Barron River Falls. During the wet season, when the area receives over 80 percent of its annual rainfall, the Barron Falls are positively thunderous.

Accommodation in Kuranda caters for all sized families and budgets. The style of accommodation has been largely influenced by Kuranda's eco-town philosophy. There's no shortage of dining options in Kuranda either, with a large number of restaurants and cafes nestled in and around the main street.


It is difficult to know where to start when it comes to things to see and do in Kuranda. There are too many and probably not enough time if you are trying to fit them all in just one day. That's why we recommend that you overnight in Kuranda in one of the many lovely bed and breakfasts available.

If you are in love with markets, then you will be in heaven here, as there are numerous markets open every day of the week, where you can find real bargains to take home. However, Kuranda is much more than markets and there are also wildlife attractions, cruises and tours and nature walks to name a few.

Delicious homemade ice cream, made from locally grown tropical fruits, in Kuranda, Tropical North Queensland. Delicious homemade ice cream, made from locally grown tropical fruits, in Kuranda, Tropical North Queensland.
7 Therwine Street, Kuranda Markets, Kuranda (MAP)
Phone (07) 4093 8981 / Mobile 0419 644 933


The RED ICECREAM VAN next to Kuranda Markets Arcade!

Open 7 Days 9am - 4pm

Delicious homemade ice creams, with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or chemicals, artificial food colouring or additives. Try flavours such as custard apple, pumpkin and nutmeg, avocado, ginger, and jaboticaba, as well as the old favourites... chocolate, strawberry, coconut, pineapple and many, many more. Now available in soya milk.

The Honey House, in Kuranda, offers visitors the possibility of tasting 20 different honeys from all over Tropical North Queensland. THE HONEY HOUSE
7 Therwine Street, Kuranda (MAP)
Phone (07) 4093 7261


Excellence since 1959!

Our World Famous reputation for the highest quality honey has grown with us over 59 years! The area round Kuranda is home to the widest variety of flora in Australia - perfect for keeping our bees happy and your tastebuds tantalised with new varieties all year round! All our honey is personally selected for quality and taste, hand bottled and sold with a smile by our knowledgeable hosts. We only offer RAW honeys that retain the natural healing properties of our bees' hard work.

Honey House Kuranda manages six apiary sites as well as sourcing honey from other reputable, local beekeepers. You will also find Australian Manuka, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, beauty products, souvenirs and more! With almost 60 years of operation in the area, we can guarantee you will receive the highest quality product from the happiest bees!

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park offers one of the most interesting Aboriginal experiences in Tropical North Queensland.Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park offers one of the most interesting Aboriginal experiences in Tropical North Queensland. TJAPUKAI ABORIGINAL CULTURAL PARK
Cairns Western Arterial Road, Caravonica (MAP)
Phone (07) 4042 9900


See Australia's culture through our eyes!

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park offers a showcase of indigenous culture, allowing visitors to learn the traditional culture and customs of the Tjapukai people. Seven separate arenas allow visitors to experience every facet of the rainforest people's culture - from the provocative History Theatre to the inspiring Creation Theatre, the Dance Theatre and the interactive Cultural Village, where visitors can learn how bush food is used to create medicinal remedies, learn how to play a didgeridoo, and throw a boomerang and spear.

When night falls, Tjapukai by Night offers dramatic special effects to create a compelling show in which the audience meets Gadja, a Dreamtime spirit, and is encouraged to participate in an ancient corroboree ritual. Guests are then treated to a beautifully presented buffet style dinner featuring modern Australian cuisine, while watching the world famous Tjapukai Dancers.

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park is located at Caravonica, near Smithfield, at the base of the Skyrail cableway. If you want to combine a visit to Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, with a SKYRAIL RAINFOREST EXPERIENCE, and even a ride on the KURANDA SCENIC RAILWAY, Cairns Unlimited can arrange an economical package deal, even including return transfers from your Cairns hotel.

Riverboat cruise in Kuranda, Tropical North Queensland. KURANDA RIVERBOAT CRUISES
Across the Kuranda Railway Station footbridge (MAP)
Phone (07) 4093 0082
Warren Clinton 0412 159 212
Melissa Clinton 0418 930 511


Cruise the world's most ancient tropical rainforest!

The Kuranda Riverboat began operating rainforest cruises on the Barron River in 1982. It has cemented its reputation for providing one of the most relaxing and refreshing experiences the region can offer.

Promising wonderful opportunities to spy and snap the glorious flora and fauna of this ancient tropical rainforest environment, the cruises sail five times a day. They feature a commentary from the skipper and run for 45 minutes, departing from their riverside jetty, which is below the Kuranda Railway Station. You simply walk across the railway station footbridge and go down the stairs to the river where you will see their red flags flying.

The Kuranda Riverboat team also conducts guided rainforest walks in a secluded section of rainforest, accessible only via the riverboat, on the far side of the river. These walks are followed by tea/coffee and cake in their covered rainforest tea room.

Discovery Tours day tours to Cape Tribulation and the Daintree.
Phone 1300 32 10 19

Premium personalised tours in small group comfort!

Discovery Tours Australia is a family owned and operated touring company with over 30 years of touring experience here in beautiful Far Northern Queensland and beyond.

EScape the crowds and immersing yourself in the beauty and vastness of what Australia truly has to offer, with scheduled and private tours for families, groups of friends, individuals and businesses who want to experience Far Northern Queensland or the Northern Territory.

Discovery Tours Australia specialise in small group tours leaving no rocks unturned in this expansive country with exclusive permits to breathtaking locations! We can personalise any charter and offer private tours! Anything from 1/2, Full or Multi Day touring options.

Driver guides are passionate and the best in the business, with an excellent safety record and a proven history with countless happy customers. We supply an experienced Guide to ensure your trip goes smoothly, utilising their bush skills and imparting their wealth of knowledge. As well as being fun and informative, these tours will introduce you to the wonders of indigenous culture, fauna, flora, botany, geology and history of our totally amazing continent.

Day tour from Cairns to Kuranda, Tropical North Queensland. DOWN UNDER TOURS
Cairns (MAP)
Phone (07) 4047 9097

A huge selection of Cairns day tours and charter services!

Nestled in mountaintop rainforest splendour just to the west of Cairns, Kuranda has been enchanting visitors for years. Accessible by train, cableway or road, the charming Village in the Rainforest’ presents a bevy of tropical delights.

From the traditional appeal of the famous Kuranda Markets to the cool sophistication of roadside cafes and restaurants, Kuranda has something to suit everybody.

Soar above the rainforest canopy in your Skyrail Gondola, be initiated into the ancient world of the Tjapukai Aboriginal people, or go back in time on the historic Kuranda Railway.

Step into the colour and excitement of the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary and Birdworld, be smitten by the Koala’s in Koala Gardens, meander through local art galleries and Aboriginal Artefacts, or simply savour a locally made tropical fruit ice cream.

Down Under Tours offers a large variety of Kuranda Tours catering to every schedule and incorporating the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, Kuranda Scenic Railway, Tjapukai Cultural Park and Rainforestation.

The Best of the Atherton Tablelands tour, in Tropical North Queensland. The Best of the Atherton Tablelands tour, in Tropical North Queensland. THE BEST OF THE CAIRNS TABLELANDS - BY BILLY TEA SAFARIS
Phone (07) 4032 0077
Fax (07) 4032 0055


We carry travellers..... not tourists!!

Tropical North Queensland is undeniably one of the most exciting and diverse regions to visit in Australia and the Cairns Tablelands sits at the very heart of it. With its breathtaking waterfalls, scenic vistas at every turn, impressive lakes, lush rainforest and rugged outback, a visit to this region promises to be one of great contrast, beauty and exploration.

Billy Tea Safaris is a small locally owned Advanced Eco Accredited Tour Operator, which operates small personalised tours with custom built 4WD vehicles, maximum 16/20 passengers per vehicle, and your naturalist guides have extensive knowledge of flora, fauna, history of the area, together with experiencing the local lifestyle and culture of the people in the Tablelands. Your 'Best of the Cairns Tablelands' full day tour includes:

* Unlimited Coffee and Chocolate tasting for morning tea
* Herberton Historic Village
* Tropical fruit and local cheese tasting platter
* Smokehouse platter featuring a selection of handcrafted smoke meats including crocodile and Barramundi
* A main course lunch selection
* Sample locally crafted beer and wines from the region
* Visit the 500-year-old Curtain Fig Tree
* Millaa Millaa Falls

SKYRAIL RAINFOREST EXPERIENCE, KURANDA SCENIC RAILWAY and the SAVANNAHLANDER are without a doubt some of the top 'things to do' in Kuranda. We discuss them in more detail in the GETTING TO KURANDA section.

Shop 8, 40 Coondoo Street, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 8572 / Mobile 0434 166 553
The philosophy of the gallery is to reflect the surrounding tropical beauty, as seen through the eyes of celebrated Australian and International artists. Paintings, sculptures, glass work, email cloisonné, pottery (stoneware, raku, Cape York Porcelaine, Anagama), prints.

PO Box 387, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 7318 / Fax (07) 4093 9855
Cassowary Tours is based at Cassowary House Rainforest Lodge in Kuranda, and offers a variety of day and tours around Cairns and its hinterland for birdwatchers and natural history enthusiasts.

14-22 Coondoo Street, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 9999 / Fax (07) 4093 9003
Doongal Aboriginal Art showcases the finest collection of authentic Aboriginal art and artifacts. Doongal only sells the finest quality art, made by local artists and only the items that meet their high standards will subsequently be on display within their shops.

8 Rob Veivers Drive, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 7575 / Fax (07) 4093 8923
At the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, you have the opportunity to wander through a beautiful rainforest environment especially designed with the needs of butterflies in mind.

Kennedy Highway, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4085 5008
Open from 9:00am to 4:00pm everyday (except Christmas Day)
The Rainforestation Nature Park is a 40 hectare tourist attraction. Whether it is just for an offsite dinner and outings or for the whole family, Rainforestation offers three main attractions, that represents a great experience for everyone.

Phone (07) 4053 6848 / Fax (07) 4053 6818
The Savannahlander is a relaxed way to travel on the scenic Kuranda Railway. An early start and small groups allows the pace to be a little slower, so time can be taken to take in the view. Arriving early in Kuranda means you can enjoy the village atmosphere without the crowds.

Especially if you're travelling to (or returning from) Kuranda by Skyrail, you might want to include a visit to the TJAPUKAI ABORIGINAL CULTURAL CENTRE, directly next to the Skyrail terminal at Caravonica.


8 Coondoo Street, Kuranda
Australian Venom Zoo has a great collection of animals here from the world's most venomous spider, to Australia's 5 most venomous snakes, to a variety if scorpions, centipedes, reptiles and insects.

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
Coondoo Street, Kuranda, (at start of Jungle Walk)
Phone (07) 4093 8858
Open Tuesdays to Fridays and Sundays from 10:30am to 2:30pm
If you are in the neighbourhood, visit BatReach, a 'hospital' for injured and sick bats. Contrary to what many people think, bats are not horrible animals that suck your blood, actually, most of them are vegetarian. Come and learn a lot about Flying Foxes.

Rob Vievers Drive, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 9188
Home to more than 75 different species of birds from all over the world, Birdworld Kuranda can proudly admit being Australia's largest collection of free flying birds. Some of the diverse Australian species include bright regent bowebirds, stilts and, of course, the endangered Cassowary.

Rob Veivers Drive, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 9953
Open every day from 9:00am to 4:00pm
You want to cuddle a koala, don't you? But Koalas are not the only inhabitants of these gardens. Fresh water crocodiles, lizards, pythons and other animals also live here. And get an insight into some of the early history of European settlement in the Kuranda region.

8 Rob Veivers Drive, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 7575 / Fax (07) 4093 8923
At the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, you have the opportunity to wander through a beautiful rainforest environment especially designed with the needs of butterflies in mind.

As you have already realised, nature is a big part of Kuranda's every day life. When you visit, don't miss going on any of the numerous tours the area offers to discover the region from other points of view. There's also a wide number of companies that offer day tours to Kuranda, including some of the attractions of the area. For a comprehensive list of all these companies, please visit our TOURS pages. Among the tours available in Kuranda, these are worth mentioning:

But if you want to see the rainforest at your own pace, the walking tracks are very impressive and helpful. Some of them are very easy, some of them are strenuous, so it is up to you to decide which one suits you. For more details of these and all the other wonderful National Parks in Tropical North Queensland please visit our NATIONAL PARKS page.

Barron Gorge National Park is about four kilometres away from Kuranda and offers some of the most spectacular scenery and walking tracks you can find in the region.

Davis Creek National Park also provides visitors with a true Australian bushland experience with its bushwalking tracks and lookouts over the valley.

Kuranda is jam-packed with lookouts. However, we must mention Barron Falls Lookout, in Barron Gorge National Park. Possible the most famous waterfall lookout in Tropical North Queensland, and one of the most viewed sites in the World Heritage area, the 230 metre Barron Falls are at their best during the rainy season, when they are a torrent of rushing water. During this season, you may be covered by a cloud of mist from the cascades. The lookout offers one of the best views of the falls and it is located above the Barron Falls railway station. Take the Kuranda Scenic Railway or the Skyrail Rainforest experience to get there, it is impressive, no doubt!.

Rob Veivers Drive, Phone (07) 4093 8060.
Kuranda Markets offer visitors a bit of everything: souvenirs to take back home with you, arts and crafts, food and drinks and entertainment. And, surprisingly, natural wildlife, as Birdworld, the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, and the Koala Gardens are all located in the markets. Ninety different stalls and shops are here to ensure that you'll find anything you may want to enjoy your vacation. No need to worry about the weather, the market is located in a covered market-mall.

The markets are open daily from 9:00am to 3:00pm and, to make it more comfortable for you, you can catch one of the free courtesy coaches from the Skyrail and Scenic Railway Terminal. A very convenient way to get to the markets without any hassle.

Coondoo Street
Located in Coondoo Street, the New Kuranda Markets offer a wide range of stalls and shops, including Aboriginal art shops, restaurants and the Kuranda Theatre. No worries about the weather here either, the markets are conveniently located in an undercovered complex, just a short walk from the train and Skyrail terminal and are open seven days a week.

Corner of Therwine & Thoree Street. Phone (07) 4093 8612
Kuranda's famous Original Markets operate seven days a week. The markets are located in the rainforest behind Kuranda Market Arcade. You will find stalls and shops, selling local craft, offering massages, coffee, local produce and other goods.

Barron Falls Road, Phone (07) 4093 7633.
Don't leave withouth checking if there is something going on at the Kuranda Amphitheatre. It is an awesome venue and whatever is happening there will be made even more enjoyable by the atmosphere that surrounds you. Opened in 1979 by a dedicated bunch of local performers, musicians and some eccentric individuals, the Kuranda Amphitheatre is a completely natural setting where no special effects or lighting are used. Over the years, this venue has attracted some of the world's finest and best known performers.

The venue sits 3,500 people but make sure you keep an eye on events well before they're planned. It is a very popular place.

Kuranda Roots is an annual, contemporary roots and world music festival focused on Kuranda Amphitheatre. Importantly, the event strives to capture the true essence of Far North Queensland's true music and cultural roots.

Yummy food, arts market ambience, diverse and contemporary programming, and a family friendly atmosphere will establish Kuranda Roots as the ideal outdoor music event.

During three days in September, Kuranda celebrates its Spring Festival along with its unique and diverse community. Local artists display their works; there will be markets stalls and buskers, food and drinks, art and photography competitions, live music, races, a grand parade and much more for every one.

For more details of special events throughout the year, please check out our TROPICAL NORTH QUEENSLAND EVENTS CALENDAR.


Your choice of accommodation in Kuranda is limited only by your imagaination. Kuranda accommodation includes luxurious rainforest resorts, spas, and eco-lodges, as well as affordable hotels/motel style accommodation. There is a choice of bed and breakfast accommodation, as well as farm stays, and even a Kuranda backpackers hostel. There is also a caravan park with self contained accommodation units and shady private sites for caravans or camping. Scroll down or use the buttons on the right to choose your style of Kuranda holiday accommodation.


Clohesy River Road, Kuranda
Phone / Fax (07) 4093 7892
Cedar Park Rainforest Resort is situated in a picturesque setting on the edge of Ganyan Creek. This nature retreat provides a unique style of accommodation, featuring gothic arches reminiscent of an old European monastery or castle.


Kuranda Hotel Motel, in Tropical North Queensland, offers accommodation as well as dining.Kuranda Hotel Motel, in Tropical North Queensland, offers family friendly accommodation.KURANDA HOTEL MOTEL
2-4 Arara Street, Kuranda, Kuranda (MAP)
Phone (07) 4093 7206 / Fax (07) 4093 8340
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* Opposite Sky Rail
* Ideally situated in Kuranda
* Opposite the Rail line

Affordable motel accommodation with a great family atmosphere. Dine at O'Reillys,enjoy a Famous Guinness Pot Pie or enjoy a swim in the pool and then relax in your well appointed unit. Great Food, Cold beer, Fantastic Deck, Kids Room, Famous Guinness Pot Pie, & Cold Pint of Guinness, Friendly Staff see you here!!

Kuranda accommodation.Secluded rainforest accommodation in Kuranda.PLATYPUS SPRINGS RAINFOREST RETREAT
Kuranda (MAP)
Phone 0438 930 770

Nestled within a hundred acres of Tropical Rainforest!

Luxury and Absolute Privacy awaits you and your partner.

Platypus Springs is a fully self-contained luxurious private accommodation for one couple wanting to relax and unwind in luxury and seclusion; a one bedroom House/Retreat with everything you will need to stay for a weekend, a week or a month.

Enjoy a Deluxe King Bed, Large Outdoor Spa, BBQ, Heated Plunge Pool and Waterfall and so much more – all for one couple to enjoy at their own leisure and pleasure. While relaxing you will enjoy magnificent mountain and valley views, filled with colourful birds, native wildlife and unforgettable butterflies.

Platypus Springs is the perfect accommodation choice for any couple looking for a very private and peaceful holiday break.

12 Barang Street, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 0082
There are two villas nestled in their own private gardens. Villa 1 has two bedrooms, which will sleep up to six people. Villa 2 has three bedrooms, which will sleep up to seven people. This Kuranda accommodation has been tastefully furnished and the kitchens are well-equipped.

63 Barron Falls Road, Kuranda
Mobile 0414 683 244
Located only 800 metres from the beautiful Barron Falls, Bush Turkey Bungalow offers good accommodation in Kuranda.

Kuranda Miju Rainforest Retreat offers exclusive self-contained accommodation in Kuranda, only 25 minutes north of Cairns.Miju Rainforest Retreat is coveniently located close to some of Tropical North Queensland's best attractions, such as Skyrail, Kuranda Scenic Railway and Rainforestation.MIJU RAINFOREST RETREAT
47 Bangalow Place, Kuranda


Look, listen, explore, relax...

Mike and Julie welcome you to Miju Rainforest Retreat Bed & Breakfast, exclusive, self-contained accommodation just 25 minutes from Cairns. At 400 metres above sea level, and surrounded by rainforest, Miju Rainforest Retreat provides a cooler alternative to staying in Cairns. Miju Rainforest Retreat is central to some of the best tourist destinations and close to many bushwalking tracks. Just five minutes away are the famous markets of Kuranda, Skyrail, the Kuranda Scenic Railway, and Rainforestation.

Miju Rainforest Retreat offers two bedrooms, each with a queen size bed, with a single bed and/or cot available on request; verandah for guest use only, providing quiet access to the tropical rainforest gardens and wildlife and a 12 metre swimming pool.

Stay at Miju Rainforest Retreat and listen to the voices of the rainforest, feed the wallabies and scrub turkeys, and explore and enjoy the one acre tropical gardens that back onto fifteen acres of rainforest reserve.

Cassowary House offers beautiful bed and brekasfast style accommodation in Kuranda for birdwatchers.Enjoy fantastic wildlife in Kuranda staying at Cassowary House.CASSOWARY HOUSE
Blackmountain Road, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 7318 / Fax (07) 4093 9855


Rainforest Lodge for birders and naturalists!

Cassowary House is ideally sited on the edge of the Atherton Tablelands in the cooler, hills above Cairns. Entirely surrounded by rainforest and adjoining Kuranda National Park our property is home to a wide range of wildlife. With Cassowaries visiting most days, Red-necked Crakes, Victoria's Riflebirds and many more this is a birdwatchers paradise. Mammals which can be seen include pademelons, bandicoots, striped possums and the endearing musky-rat kangaroo and we mustn't forget the platypus in the creek.

Our elevated decks offer excellent photographc opportunities for birds and butterflies including the spectacular Cairns Birdwing. With easy access to all the major local birdwatching sites including the Barrier Reef we offer a variety of accommodation packages. Contact us for further information.

Cassowary House is owned and operated by Sicklebill Safaris, specialists in birdwatching tours to New Guinea, Australia and throughout the Pacific Region.

28 Black Mountain Road, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 7151 / Fax (07) 4093 8012
Kuranda Bed & Breakfast offers two beautiful, brand new king size rooms, fully screened with fans, air-conditioning, private bathrooms and private verandahs overlooking tropical gardens. It is the ideal choice for those interested in nature.



Kuranda Rainforest Accommodation Park, Tropical North Queensland.Kuranda Rainforest Accommodation Park, Tropical North Queensland, offers self contained accommodation as well as shared accommodation, camping and caravan sites.KURANDA RAINFOREST ACCOMMODATION PARK
88 Kuranda Heights Road, Kuranda (MAP)
Phone / Fax (07) 4093 7316
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This lovely caravan/accommodation park is situated in the mountains, 25 km above Cairns. Lodgings consist of fully self-contained accommodation, shared accommodation as well as camping, caravan sites and renowned restaurant, Kuranda Balcony.


The warm climate and casual atmosphere of Tropical North Queensland are perfect for leisurely outdoor dining. Kuranda has a number of excellent restaurants, with comfortable surroundings and charming views. Classic Queensland cuisine features heavily along with a variety of European and Asian influenced dishes.

28 Coondoo Street, Kuranda (MAP)
Phone (07) 4093 9939 / Fax (07) 4093 9688
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270 degree rainforest views!

* Open 7 days a week 8:00am to 4:00pm
* All Weather Dining, Open Deck & Air Conditioning
* 270 degree views of the Rainforest in the heart of Kuranda!

Kuranda Rainforest View Restaurant is located in the heart of Kuranda only 5 minutes from Kuranda Station and Skyrail. A licensed, air conditioned restaurant with one of the best views in Australia with indoor-outdoor seating capacity for 250. The restaurant offers wheel chair access and a changing facility for babies.

International dining experience with high standard of cuisine and friendly staff in a relaxed atmosphere. Kuranda Rainforest View Restaurant offers seafood, grill, pasta, pizza, crocodile and kangaroo dishes, continental or light meals at competitive prices.

17 Thurwine Street, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 9399
The menu offers delicious foccaccias, burgers, salads, pizzas and more, prepared from fresh local produce. Delicious coffee and homemade biscuits as well as organic foods.

250 Cedar Park Road (20 mins from Kuranda)
Phone / Fax (07) 4093 7892
Dine on the rainforest deck overlooking a stream. Restaurant is open to the public on weekends.

11 Coondoo Street, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 7405
Open 7 days a week 10:00am to 3:30pm
Famous, friendly, historical. Hamburgers Gourmet Pizzas. Sandwiches, Barramundi, Prawn salad. Also, select from our chef's al a carte menu.

Therwine Street, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 7398
German Tucker specializes in authentic German wurst (sausages) as well as other German dishes.

21-23 Coondoo St, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 7166 / Fax (07) 4093 8999
Open 7 days a week, from 9:00am to 3:30pm
Licensed Garden restaurant, sidewalk café, Aus souvenirs, cottage gifts and crafts. Foreign Currency Exchange. Internet

2 Thooree St, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 7399
Lan's Vietnamese Cuisine is a must if you like Asian food. The restaurant specializes in Southern Vietnamese cuisine.


Discount travel insurance. Buy anywhere, anytime, online.

There are a number of ways to get to Kuranda from Cairns. If you have your own car, it's a pleasant 40 minute drive, and there are local bus services and tours. But even if you have your own vehicle, we thoroughly recommend leaving it behind and experiencing the rainforest in a way that can only be done by combining SKYRAIL RAINFOREST EXPERIENCE with either KURANDA SCENIC RAILWAY or THE SAVANNAHLANDER. Most visitors choose to ascend the range on the Kuranda Scenic Railway and then return to Cairns by Skyrail. The Kuranda Scenic Railway and Skyrail co-ordinate to put together economical packages to cover a number of sightseeing options. The Savannahlander travels from Cairns to Kuranda early Wednesday morning, and from Kuranda to Cairns on Saturday afternoon. For more details of the Savannahlander's schedule, please visit our dedicated SAVANNAHLANDER page.

Cairns Unlimited will find you the best deal on a rental car in Cairns and Kuranda.If you do decide to drive to Kuranda, it's not a difficult drive. Just head north out of town on the Captain Cook Highway to the suburb of Smithfield, and follow the signs. Be aware that the mountain road has some very sharp curves. If wet, the surface can become very slippery, so take it easy. The drive itself is very pleasant, a scenic drive through thick rainforest, alongside rocky waterfalls and the buttress roots of giant trees. Every now and then you'll find a breathtaking panorama of the coastal plain through a gap in the trees. But try to keep your eyes on the road and if you feel the urge to stop for a photo opportunity, only do so where it is absolutely safe.


Kuranda has a taxi service. Phone (07) 4093 7119.


One of most popular attractions in Cairns is the Great Barrier Reef.

Kuranda Scenic Railway, in Tropical North Queensland. The fantastic view from Skyrail Rainforest cableway, between Cairns and Kuranda.

The Savannahlander, also known as 'The Silver Bullet'.

Batreach, in Kuranda.

Kuranda Homemade Tropical Icecream, reputed to be the best icecream in the universe.


In case of emergency only, dial 000. In all other cases, phone the local service :

Ambulance (07) 4093 9257
Hospital (07) 4050 6333 (Cairns)
Police (07) 4093 7356