Always wished you could take a trip to the tropical paradise of North Queensland, but didn't want to leave your pampered pooch or favourite feline home alone? Well, who said you can't take it (sorry, him or her) along for the fun! While not every accommodation house welcomes pets, we've scoured Cairns and the cities and towns in the region to bring you enough pet-friendly accommodation options to ensure that you and your whole family love every minunte you spend in Tropical North Queensland. Now... go fetch!


AEROGLEN: Portion of parkland along the western side of Aeroglen Drive, north from the entrance to the quarry walking track for a distance of 200 metres and back to the base of the hill.

AEROGLEN: Paterson Park on the eastern side of the Captain Cook Highway at the junction of Greenbank Road and Arnold Street.

BABINDA: Part of Carl Mellick Park at the western end of Harwood Drive, Babinda.

BAYVIEW HEIGHTS: Part of Parkland at Forno Park, Bayview Heights, being at the western end near the Vista Street entrance to the park and behind houses in Vista Street, Fiesta Close, and Flamenco Close.

BRAMSTON BEACH: The area of beach commencing 100 metres south of the stinger net and extending to the southern end of the beach.

BRAMSTON BEACH: The area of beach commencing at the northern end of the caravan park and extending northward.

BRINSMEAD: Section 3 of Goomboora Park, Shale Street, Brinsmead, being the section at the northern end of the park bounded by the creek and posts dividing sections two and three (section one and two are 'dog prohibited' areas).

BUCHANS POINT: From the rocks at the southern end of the beach for a distance of 100m to the north.

BUNGALOW: Part of the Cairns Showground area being Lot 20 RP 706600.

NORTH CAIRNS: Parkland at the northern end of the Esplanade, North Cairns between Smith and Rutherford Streets, and bounded by Lake Street and the Esplanade on the western side, the Mangroves, and on the southern end, the pipe fence.

CARAVONICA: Portion of parkland off Impey Street, Caravonica, being the raised section at the northern end.

CLIFTON BEACH: Part of parkland in Eddy Street, Clifton Beach between Eddy Street and the rear of houses in Escape Close for a distance of 50 metres from houses in Eddy Street and east towards Saxon Street.

CLIFTON BEACH: The area of beach from the northern end of Upolu Esplanade north towards Palm Cove and finishing 200 metres south of Veivers Road, Palm Cove.

CLIFTON BEACH: The southern end of Clifton Beach between the southern end of Arlington Esplanade and the creek dividing Kewarra Beach.

CLIFTON BEACH: Lot 192 NR6794 and Lot 216 NR7040, known as Evergreen Reserve, Clifton Beach.

EARLVILLE: Part of Lions Park at Henley Street, Earlville from the dividing posts on the western side to the toilet block, west to the dividing posts at the tennis club end.

EDMONTON: Fuller Park but at only at such times that the area is not being used as a sporting field.

EDMONTON: McKinnon Creek Detention Basin at Isabella Estate.

EDMONTON: Portion of Carne Park, Trojan Street, Edmonton being on the eastern side of the Trojan Street entrance to the edge of the creek bed.

ELLIS BEACH: From rocks at the southern end of the beach for a distance of 120 metres to the north.

GORDONVALE: Portion of parkland at the end of Klarwein Close, Gordonvale being on the western side of the Klarwein Street entrance and behind houses in Highleigh Road and bounded by the drain at the rear.

HOLLOWAYS BEACH: Beach at the northern end of Holloways Beach fronting Casuarina Street and North of Luke Street.

HOLLOWAYS BEACH: The southern end of Holloways Beach between Tamarind Street and Cassia Street.

KEWARRA BEACH: The area of beach commencing 100 metres south of the stinger net and continuing to the rocks at Taylors Point.

MACHANS BEACH: Southern end of Machans Beach south of Cinderella Street to the Barron River.

MANUNDA: Lennon Street Park being the area between McCormack Street and the drain on Lot 1 RP 889325.

MANUNDA: Parkland situated in Card Avenue, Manunda between houses in Card Avenue and behind houses in Barlow Street.

MOOROOBOOL: (Irene Street Flood Plain B) - north of Langlan Street, east of Irene Street, West of Carnation Drive and south of Marigold Close.

MT SHERIDAN: Sawpit Gully Detention Basin at Forest Gardens.

MT SHERIDAN: Trafalgar Detention Basin at Trafalgar Drive.

MT SHERIDAN: Part of the drainage reserve off Idalia Road being the south western end of the park bounded by the creek and houses in Balmoral Close.

PALM COVE: The area of beach between the Palm Cove jetty and the rocks on the northern side.

PALM COVE: The southern end of Palm Cove beach commencing 200 metres south of Vievers Road and extending to the northern end of Upolu Esplanade, Clifton Beach.

REDLYNCH: Portion of parkland off Harvey Road, Redlynch being at the railway line end of the parkland and behind houses in Ficus Close.

SMITHFIELD: Portion of the parkland in Cumberland Avenue, Smithfield and at the northern end of the park behind houses in Survey Street.

TRINITY BEACH: The beach from the northern end of Vasey Esplanade north to the rocks.

TRINITY BEACH: The beach at the southern end of Trinity Beach to the south of Peacock Street.

TRINITY PARK: Half Moon Bay beach, Trinity Park to the south of the car park entrance.

WESTCOURT: Closed Road Reserve Mann Street between Lyons and Brown Streets.

WHITE ROCK: White Rock Dump.

WHITE ROCK: Portion of parkland at Tiffany Street, White Rock, on the eastern side of the park, north of Phoenix Close and west to the palm-trees at the rear.

WHITE ROCK: Hollywood Boulevard Reserve at the southern end of Hollywood Boulevard.

WHITFIELD: Parkland on the corner of Bott and McManus Streets, Whitfield behind houses in Prescott Street, Bott Street, McKinlay Close and Neeve Close.

WHITFIELD: Parkland on the northern side of the drainage easement and creek at the corner of McManus and Bolton Streets, Whitfield and behind houses in McManus Street and Murchinson Street.

WOREE: Portion of parkland off Loretta Close, Woree being the eastern end of the park adjacent to Loretta Street and behind houses in Karen Close and Carmel Close.

YORKEYS KNOB: The southern end of Yorkeys Knob beach south of the corner of Sims Esplanade and Kempton Street.