The northern Atherton Tablelands around Mount Molloy and Julatten are a world away from the heavily visited coastal attractions, allowing the weary traveller space to relax and enjoy nature. This region is one of the top birdwatching destinations in the whole country, and you will soon see why...


Mount Molloy, even though it is close to Kuranda or Port Douglas, is a completely different world. Nowadays, Mount Molloy is a small town, with a bakery, a general store and a petrol station. However, in the 1890s, Mount Molloy was a lively centre due to the copper mine. The town was established in 1880, after rich copper deposits were found by Patrick Molloy, a selector who had taken up land beside Rifle Creek, on the Herberton to Port Douglas track. In 1899 the Mount Molloy Copper Mining Company was formed and the mine was taken over by John Moffat's Irvinebank Company in 1901. Nowadays, the main industry in the area is cattle grazing.


Julatten is a rural settlement located inland from Port Douglas, and within easy access from Mareeba, on the Atherton Tablelands. But you could be miles away from it all. The area is well known for having one of the world's most favourable climates, with a temperature three or four degrees cooler than Port Douglas, as not as humid as the coast. Julatten has actually has been categorized by the National Geographic Society as one of the top 4 climates in the planet.

Julatten is also renowned among birdwatchers.

SERVICES: You can find a tavern, a small store and petrol station and some accommodation, including a caravan park and a birdwatchers' lodge.


Black Mountain Hideaway, in Julatten, offers magnificent horse riding in a beautiful setting.Black Mountain Hideaway, in Julatten, offers magnificent horse riding in a beautiful setting.BLACK MOUNTAIN HIDEAWAY
Black Mountain Road, Julatten
Phone (07) 4094 1101

A wide range of adventurous and exiting trailrides!

Learn how to ride while enjoying the scenery of our diverse environments. At Black Mountain Hideaway, Suzie and Saxon offer a wide range of adventurous and exciting trailrides. From short, historical, interpretive, low-impact tours to full days of action.

Every tour begins with a brief of horsemanship which includes safety guidelines and instruction. They have horses for all levels of riding and even include a free riding lesson with all trailrides! Choose one of our spectacular rides or we can tailor your own special adventure.

Although both Mount Molloy and Julatten are small settlements, there are a few sites to visit in the area.

In Mount Molloy you can visit the cemetery where JAMES (VENTURE) MULLIGAN is buried, his grave is at the south-east corner, near the mature grevillea tree. The inscription on his tombstone is a very condensed but beautiful biography as well as a reflection of the times he lived.

'James (Venture) Mulligan 1837-1907. Born Rothfriland, County Down. Migrated in 1860, found Palmer River gold in 1873, Hodgkinson River gold in 1875 which led to the establishment of Cairns and Port Douglas. He mined copper at Mount Molloy in the 1890s, married in 1903, bought the Mount Molloy Hotel in 1905, and died on 24-8-1907 from injuries received when he tried to break up a fight in his hotel. He had no children.'

You will also find the same inscription in the monument to James Venture Mulligan located in the town's main street.

And don't forget to check the termite mounds while in the cemetery, although they're not easy to be missed.

Visit the old steam that use to supply the power for the local sawmill. Nowadays, it is located at the southern entrance to Mount Molloy.

Located east of Julatten and north east of Mount Molloy, Mowbray National Park is home to the famous pyramid-shape Black Mountain. Mowbray National Park is popular among birdwatchers, with Cassowaries inhabiting the rainforest in this area. The park is also popular among bushwalkers, bikers and horse rides, featuring a few trails.

The Bump Track, that traverses the park, was "discovered" in April 1877 by Christie Palmerston, a well known bushman and pathfinder. It took this path only a few months to become the main access from the Hodgkinson Goldfields to the port facitilies at Port Douglas, and within no time also to Herberton tin field. For a few years, the Bump Road saw the comings and goings of many pioneers, who had to overcome its steepness, although it wasn't always easy.

Nowadays, the Bump Truck is only visited by bushwalkers, mountain bikers and horses (horse riders will need to get a letter of authorisation from the QPWS Northern Region Director, valid for a 12 month period). The road passes through some interesting rainforest and eucalypt forest. It offers fabulous views of Big Mowbray Falls and the Mowbray River mouth. No trail bikes are allowed.

The Big Mowbray Falls track, which can be accessed from the Bump Track, makes its way through rainforest gullies and open eucalypt forest. You can get beautiful views of the falls from the ridge-top site. Horses, trail bikes and mountain bikes are not allowed on this section of the track. And walkers should be very carefull because the track can get very slippery.

Twin Bridges track is an easy walk, which follows the route of the original Black Mountain Road, to the east of the current road. The track is open to walkers and mountain bikes. Trail bikes, horses and 4WD vehicles are not allowed on this track.

Mount Lewis Forest Reserve is located 3km north of Julatten and 11km north of Mount Molloy. Mount Lewis Forest Reserve is home to some of the most accessible and scenic upland rainforest in the area and is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. The reserve is a good spot for birdwatching, where golden bowerbirds, noisy pittas, blue-faced parrot finches and chowchillas can be seen.

For more information about other National Parks in the area, please refer to our NATIONAL PARKS page.

The small town of Julatten attracts legions of birdwatchers each year, on the lookout for Spectacled Monarchs, Pale-yellow Robins, Lesser Sooty Owl, Red-Necked Crakes, Pied Monarch and Yellow-breasted Boatbill, and Orange-footed Scrubfowl. Of particular interest in summer, is the spectacular Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher. Staying at any of the acommodation which specially cater to birdwatchers will reward you with birdlife as you have likely never seen before. At Mount Molloy, over 300 bird species have been recorded; that's more than in famous Kakadu National Park!

If you search the drier tropical woodland near Mt Carbine, you may come across the AUSTRALIAN BUSTARD - possibly the world's heaviest flying bird.

Don't forget to visit the nearby National Parks to see other species such as Cassowaries or Chowchillas.


Phone (07) 4099 3677
Departing from Port Douglas, Back Country Bliss Adventures will take you on a mountain bike tour through magnificant acient rainforests and trails, including the famous "Bump Track" only one of the ten best mountain bike rides in Australia! Beginner to Advanced/ Specialist Coaching also available.

Phone / Fax (07) 4094 1199
Join Fine Feathers Tours for half day 4wd trips to Mount Lewis in order to see many of the endemic bird species of the high rainforest. Fine Feathers Tours also operate full day birdwatching tours to the outback exploring different sceneries and encountering lots of bird species.

Carr Road, Julatten
Phone / Fax (07) 4094 1600
Australian Natural History Safari is a Port Douglas based, four-wheel drive, rainforest and outback tour. They provide only one tour per day with a choice of a full day rainforest and outback safari or a half day rainforest tour, visiting Mount Lewis.

Phone (07) 74098 2422 / Fax (02) 9475 0107
Wait a While tours run a series of multi-day fully accommodated guided trips around the stunning Wet Tropics World Heritage area covering many elevations (coast to mountain top, including Mt Lewis) & habitats (wet to dry) & staying in petite accommodation well suited for wildlife viewing..

Phone (07) 4055 8971
Fire Sticks Tours Aboriginal botanist will show you through spectacular World Heritage Rainforest along a restricted access 4WD track through Kuranda National Park and Mowbray National Park. You will learn about Aboriginal culture and foods.

The Triple R (Rural, Rainforest and Reef) Cross Country events covers 38km of varying and scenic terrain. Starting at altitude in the small town of Mt Molloy and riding through farming areas, into the infamous rainforest covered Bump Track and on to the finish run of 4 mile beach in Port Douglas. This events usually takes place during the month of August.

For more details of special events throughout the year, please check out our TROPICAL NORTH QUEENSLAND EVENTS CALENDAR.


Mount Molloy and Julatten accommodation is largely suited to nature lovers and birdwatchers. Visitors will find homely bed and breakfast accommodation, self contained holiday units and family friendly holiday cottages. Those looking for a farmstay experience or traditional Australia pub style accommodation will also find what they're looking for in Julatten and Mount Molloy. Scroll down or use the buttons on the right to choose your style of Julatten and Mount Molloy holiday accommodation.

Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge, at Julatten, primarily cater to those who have come to this region of the Atherton tablelands for the world class bridwatching.Birders will find a choice of self-contained one and two bedroom units, bunkhouse rooms and camping facilities in this 5 hectare rainforest nature reserve, on the northern Atherton Tablelands.KINGFISHER PARK BIRDWATCHERS LODGE
RN 6 Mount Kooyong Road, Julatten (MAP)
Phone / Fax (07) 4094 1263

...named after the Kingfishers that visit each season!

Self-contained one and two bedroom units, bunkhouse rooms and camping facilities are provided within a 5 hectare rainforest nature reserve at an altitude of 440 metres above sea level. Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge primarily cater for birdwatchers as well as photographers and others with an interest in nature based activities. Over 350 bird species, including the 13 Wet Tropics endemics, occur in the nearby habitats of rainforest, mountains, wetlands and drier open woodlands making it one of the most rewarding birding regions in Australia.

Upon arrival guests are given maps and up to date birding information, including latest sightings. Bird guiding can be arranged with local experts. Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge is also conveniently located within easy reach of the Great Barrier Reef, Atherton Tablelands, Daintree River, Cape Tribulation and Cooktown.

Self contained holiday home in Julatten.Julatten accommodation in this comfortable holiday home.FEATHERS 'N' FRIENDS
244 Clacherty Road, Julatten (MAP)
Phone (07) 4094 1665

Sleeps up to seven people!

Feathers 'n' Friends Cottage is a fully self-contained and well appointed four bedroom house with facilities to suit up to 7 guests in complete comfort. The cottage is a fully refurbished 1960's vintage home that can comfortably accommodate individuals or small groups, especially those interested in birdwatching.

The country-style kitchen is fully equipped (except for food). The large, covered patio with outdoor furniture and a gas B-B-Q enables outdoor enjoyment for guests. Supplied with linen and bedding, modern washing machine and consumables, satellite TV/DVD player/recorder, the home can accommodate extended stays.

Julatten, with its outstanding climate year-round, is renowned for birdwatching and the extensive surrounding gardens support a large variety of birds and wildlife. Your hosts, Fred and Jeanette, encourage guests to enjoy the peace, quietness and tranquility of this beautiful area.

Sweetwater Lodge, self contained accommodation in Julatten.Holiday accommodation in self contained retreat, Julatten.SWEETWATER LODGE
2472 Mossman - Mount Molloy Road, Julatten (MAP)
Phone (07) 4094 1594 / Fax (07) 4094 1494

Architect designed retreat among natural beauty!

These two luxurious self contained retreats are perched on a hill in an open setting overlooking the rainforest and creek beyond. Our 160 acre property is part cleared, part rainforest and surrounded by the Mt Frazier and Mt Lewis mountain range.

Each accommodating two people, the spacious retreats are situated fifty metres apart and are landscaped with a cooling tropical garden, adding to nature’s charms and your sense of well-being. Design is of a tropical Australian style, well appointed with modern conveniences and fitted throughout with custom-made furniture built from North Queensland timbers. Local artwork adds to the ambience including works by renowned landscape artist Louise Derry.

Bower Bird Bed and Breakfast offer holiday accommodation perfect for birdwatchers in Tropical North Queensland.Enjoy the fantastic bird life of the Atherton Tablelands staying at Bower Bird Bed and Breakfast.BOWER BIRD BED AND BREAKFAST
12 Vains Close, Mount Molloy (MAP)
Phone (07) 4094 1100

The perfect base for birdwatchers!

Enjoy a relaxing stay in private, comfortable accommodation and partake in a continental breakfast in the glorious garden setting amongst the bird life. Your hosts Dennis and Rita welcome you to Bower Bird Bed and Breakfast, just a 2-minute walk to the centre of town.

Julatten Birdlovers Cottage is the ideal holiday accommodation for everyone..Birdwatchers will appreciate the abundant birdlife around Julatten Birdlovers Cottage.JULATTEN BIRDLOVERS COTTAGE
1744 Rex Highway, Julatten (MAP)
Phone / Fax (07) 4094 1098

Ideally suited for a couple or family of 4!

Set on 7 acres in tranquil rainforest behind Port Douglas, this charming cottage offers a special place to relax. Ideally suited for a couple or family of 4, the cottage is fully self-contained, air-conditioned and furnished to ensure your stay is cosy, comfortable and truly memorable.

The cosy self-contained cottage, surrounded by tropical rainforest and cool mountain air, will ensure your stay is relaxing and enjoyable. As there is no mobile coverage in the area, your time will be uninterrupted and stress free. TV/DVD/CD. Birdwatchers will appreciate the abundant birdlife around the cottage and the vicinity.

Black Mountain Hideaway, in Julatten, Tropical North Queensland.BLACK MOUNTAIN HIDEAWAY
Black Mountain Road, Julatten (MAP)
Phone (07) 4094 1101

At Black Mountain Hideaway, Suzie and Saxon have a Cattle and Equestrian Centre. They also own a menagerie of various exotic birds, chickens, ducks, cats and dogs. All the animals are treated as part of the family and they enjoy making new friends and receiving love and attention.

Black Mountain Hideaway offers fully self contained accommodation lodges; horse trail rides; guided bush walks; a host of wildlife and bird spotting; Jillaroo courses and horse riding clinics for Horse Safe accreditation. Or, Simply relax in total, undisturbed privacy.

Sunbird Retreat is a sanctuary for animals and nature lovers located in Julatten.Enjoy luxury accommodation in tropical style and comfort at Sunbird Retreat, Tropical North Queensland.SUNBIRD RETREAT
1605 Rex Highway, Julatten (MAP)
Phone / Fax (07) 4094 1073

Stay in the heart of 100 acres of rainforest

Sunbird Retreat offers luxury spacious self contained accommodation in tropical style and comfort. Sunbird Retreat can accommodate up to four adults. Rooms are tastefully furnished and decorated with light and spacious interiors. Each bedroom has ensuite facilities that provide all modern conveniences.

Sophisticated but casual, Sunbird Retreat is a native backdrop for sunset drinks on the private verandah with beautiful views of the rainforest allowing you to relax and enjoy. It is a sanctuary for an abundance of mammals, birds, reptiles and plants.

Lot 1 English Road, Julatten
Phone (07) 4094 1282 / Fax (07) 4099 5402
A 35 acre estate of rainforest and fruit orchards. There are three dams on the property that are stocked with various types of fish including barramundi, so if you want to do a little fishing, they have the tackle.

Main Street, Mount Molloy
Phone (07) 4094 1133
The National Hotel, in Mount Molloy, offers traditional pub accommodation.


The Highlander Restaurant is the perfect option for your dining needs in Julatten, Far North Queensland.Enjoy delectable food at the Highlander Restaurant, in Julatten.THE HIGHLANDER RESTAURANT
Mount Lewis Road, Julatten (MAP)
Phone (07) 4094 1210 / Fax (07) 4094 1210

website link coming soon

Surrounded by World Heritage rainforest!

Owners Errol and Janece - along with their friendly staff - will welcome you to The Highlander Restaurant and Bar. On a cool night, you may lounge in front of the fireplace, or in the warmer weather dine on the open air deck, overlooking Mount Lewis. Live music Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Main Street, Mount Molloy
Phone (07) 4094 1133
The National Hotel serves quality counter meals ranging from hamburgers, fish and chips, prawns to steaks.

Phone (07) 4094 1187
Mount Molloy Café and Takeaway is said to serve the largest burgers in Australia.


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One of most popular attractions in Cairns is the Great Barrier Reef.

Julatten, in the Cairns Highlands, is one of the best holiday destinations for birdwatchers in Australia. Julatten, inland from Port Douglas, has been blessed with one of the most favourable climates not only of Australia but of the world.


In case of emergency only, dial 000. In all other cases, phone the local service:

Ambulance (07) or 131233
Hospital (07)
Police (07)